Monday, June 2, 2008

Gift-Wrapping with Ria

When I was about to wrap a gift for my niece, Kuya Andrew had the brilliant idea of filming me and making me give some instructions ala Martha Stewart.

Here's a video of me wrapping a book for my one-year old niece:

Some Gift-Wrapping Tips and Notes:
  1. Work on a clean, flat surface.
  2. Use sharp scissors
  3. Use magic tape (Scotch brand) because it looks cleaner.
  4. When wrapping a gift for kids, choose a wrapper with a character or design they would like and stick with their favorite colors.
  5. Don't tape or stick the wrapper to the item itself. Either wrap the item in plastic first or wrap in such a way that would require you to tape the wrapper to the item.
  6. Note that I was wrapping a gift for a one-year-old, and her mother or father would be opening it for her. If I was wrapping a gift for an older kid, I'd make the wrapping less complicated, and with less tape so the kid would have an easy time opening it.

Have fun! :)

{Pardon the constipated, "I'm shy," mood because it was in the middle of a cafe and... a cousin was there, and I really wasn't in a camwhoring mood. :P}

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