Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Journey

Here's my journey the past few months, as captured by my N95 and Mig's N82:

This is my entry to the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 Nokia Kaleidescope of Connections Award.


letsgosago said...

kakaiyak ang video(joke!)...panalo na ito ria! =)

P0ytee said...

That was heartwarming. I kinda flinched when I read "hatred". The world is full of hatred, yes?

itot54joni said...

wow ayus!goodluck satin.kung di mo maiupload un video mo sa channel nila e ganito gawin mo Goto PBA08.Kaleidoscope and then sign up. Sign in, click my channel and then create a new public channel. upload your video in your public channel. when done, goto your uploaded video and click add to another channel. select "these channel" , type PBA08.Kaleidoscope and click save changes. it will take a while before your video appears on their channel. Hope this help.

Maria "Ria" Jose said...

@letsgosago Thanks!

@P0ytee YES!

@itot4joni DI ko mahanap yung link for signing up for a channel. FAIL! :(

itot54joni said...

andun na yun video mo sa channel nila.ibig ko sabihin sa sign up e kapag wala ka pa account dun.